Romantic Couples Lessons

Trail Riding Trying to find something exicting to do with your other half?  Why not enjoy a romantic horse lesson with your significant other. There are two intermediate horses available for regular lesson students with Ryan. For special group arrangements. I have a wide variety of saddles for you to choose from to make your ride comfortable. You will also have the opportunity to bond with the horses and build some confidence before the lesson. I give personalized attention to every student to insure a safe ride. I will take you on a lesson where you are free to ride at a walking pace on a safe horse. You will be amazed at how much fun you can have out here on a horse. Lessons can be scheduled just about any time. I just ask for a few days notice if possible. Prices vary depending on the length of the lesson.  Give us a call for more information and I look forward to seeing you out here!

Lessons Available

  • Romantic Couples Lesson -- $199/Couple: One-hour lesson, two horses await you.  *Add a Couple $50 ( *3 Maximum)
  • Couples Sunset Lesson -- $199/Couple
  • Couples Romantic Picnic Lesson -- $250/Couple

Trail RidingImportant

I will do the best to guide you through the learning process, but you must be patient, please do not blame your horse. The horses know what they are doing, you may not. Your horse will do their best to comply with what may be clumsy and inconsistent requests from you. You will be instructed to sit up straight. Please, no slouching or allowing your shoulders to roll forward - stay balanced in the center of your saddle, keep your heels down and your toes up while the ball of your foot is on the stirrup.  We will go over all of this when you are mounted on your horse.


I have some great horses, but safety is always important. Pairing the correct horse with the experience level of the student is important.  I choose to only work on 3 to 4 lessons a day. Your horse experience is personalized and I take my time to ensure that it goes well. Please understand you will be participating with live animals in a group environment so your safety comes first. These horses have minds of their own and do not follow each other head to head down the trail,  No student can be unsupervised at any time. The minimum age for trail riding is 10 years old and anyone under 18 must wear a helmet. One student per horse only.


If you make an appointment and something comes up, please call me as soon as possible. Most of our day is planned around your lesson times. Out of courtesy, please call if you are running late. If you are 15 minutes late you will need to reschedule your lesson. I work outdoors most of the day.  Emails are great, but to get a faster reply, please text or call me at 678-895-2409 and leave a message.

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